Sunday Walk in December

This afternoon I took a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the fall color.

sunday walk, december, fall color, leavesI like that wat that the different colored leaves fall from the tree and make patterns. Of course, I had to be careful walking on the sidewalk. We had a lot of leaves fall over the last couple days as it has been raining.

sunday walk, december, fall color, leavesThere are still a lot of leaves on these trees, but they have also covered a large area on the lawn and sidewalk.

sunday walk, december, fall color, leavesThis would have been a nice place to just sit and enjoy the afternoon, but there is usually heavy traffic on the road and it would not have been very quiet.

sunday walk, december, fall color, leavesAs I headed home I noticed this bird house and bird feeder hanging in a tree. They are more noticeable now without as many leaves. How long have they been there?

sunday walk, december, fall color, leavesThe neighborhood park has a raised mound that allows you to see over the houses all the way to the Livermore Hills. Sometimes you can see snow on the hills.

The trees turn color a little bit later here so we usually have good color this time of year.

It was a nice walk today.


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Virtual Hike to Milton, Vermont

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was Milton, Vermont.

milton, green mountains, ,smugglers notch, vermont, virtual hike.The previous destination on my virtual hike was the Trapp Family Lodge.

The virtual hike from the Trapp Family Lodge to Milton went through the Green Mountains in Northern Vermont and down toward Lake Champlain.

milton, green mountains, ,smugglers notch, vermont, virtual hike.There were some great views before heading into the forested mountain roads.

milton, green mountains, ,smugglers notch, vermont, virtual hike.It was really interesting that as I used Street View on Google there was a lot of traffic on the roads. The route of the hike went through Smugglers Notch which is visited by many tourists.

milton, green mountains, ,smugglers notch, vermont, virtual hike.There were also some scenic outlooks where the shoulders of the roads were full of parked cars and people were out enjoying the view.

milton, green mountains, ,smugglers notch, vermont, virtual hike.The images in Google Maps were from October 2018, so there were many colorful trees along the route.

I could have snipped many pictures from this hike as it is very scenic. If you are looking for a good virtual hike, this is a good one to click through on your computer.

I finally made it to Milton, Vermont. It is a town of about 10,000 people and until 50 years ago was less than 5,000. There is also a race track in Milton that many NASCAR drivers competed at when they were younger. 

I have been setting shorter distances between destinations for better motivation for my daily walking and so far it has been working. I have been walking more each day and have made good progress on my Virtual Hike. I am still a few stops behind on my posts.

Next up is to cross Lake Champlain on a ferry over into  New York.

Once I am in New York there will be an interesting literary stop before heading south down through the Hudson River Valley.


Images in this post are from Google Maps and Street View.

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