Pretty Leaves

Since it is now autumn or fall I decided to share some pretty leaves tonight.

Red Leaf in Crawfordsville, IndianaI took this picture of a red leaf in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Do you know what famous author lived there?

Color full leaf, Cambridge, England, Autumn, FallThis leaf was on a walkway in Cambridge, England.

Picture of leaves on the sidewalk in Berlin - White leavesThis pile of leaves was on a sidewalk in Berlin, Germany.

frost, leaves, winter, autumn, frosty, leavesHere are some frost covered leaves in Jena, Germany. I won’t be seeing frost covered leaves here close to home.

fall, leaves, leaves on sidewalk,, red leaves, autumnHere is a leaf covered sidewalk at a park near my house. I took this picture last year during the pandemic. The leaves were able to accumulate on the sidewalk as not as many people were walking through the park each day.

I am looking forward to seeing leaves on the sidewalk again this year.


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Wednesday Word Search – Iat

Welcome to another Wednesday Word Search where I pick a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

Awhile back I searched for ‘hat’ and ‘bat’ so started a theme of ‘?at’ words. Last week I searched for ‘gat’ so will continue on. However, since I already searched for ‘hat’ it will be skipped.

The word for tonight is: Iat

Iat should be interesting. The string ‘iat’ is in some interesting words.

What images will I find?

Coin Iowa, Intermediate School, South Page Community SchoolsThe first image is of the Intermediate School in Coin, Iowa. Do you know anyone from Coin, Iowa?

Caramel Macchiato - Starbucks in Japan - Tokyo Starbucks - Coffee ShopThis image is from a Starbucks in Tokyo. The barista is make a Caramel Macchiato for me.

Goliath Inscription, Gath, Aren Maeir, Gates of GathThis image has a link to the post last week where I searched for ‘gat’. This is a sign at Gath that gives information about a bowl fragment that has an inscription with Goliath’s name on it.

Leaking Radiator Fluid - Animal Damage - Pontiac G6 GXPHere is a picture of the undercarriage of Bluey when I had a leak from my radiator.

January Rose - Minature Rose - Yellow roses - Winter rosesFinally, here is an image of a miniature rose from my rose garden.

I only found a few images with ‘iat’ but they were interesting ones.

These images show that ‘iat’ is a sequence used in some important words.

Which is your favorite ‘iat’ picture?

What should I search for next? It will probably continue with the next ?at word. However, I will probably skip ‘jat” as a quick search did not find anything.


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