Leftover Turkey Sandwich

One of the joys of Thanksgiving is having a leftover turkey sandwich.

thanksgiving meal, turkey, vegetables, potatoes, teaIt is great to sit down to a nice meal and stuff yourself with all the good things you have made. But sometimes the best part is the leftovers that you eat over the next couple of days.

miso turkey breasts, thanksgiving, cooked to perfectionFor my meal on Thanksgiving I sliced some of the turkey pretty think, but left part of it whole so I could slice it just right for sandwiches.

left over turkey, slices, sandwichToday I sliced up the rest of the turkey. It was easy to slice once it had spent time in the fridge.

turkey sandwich, swiss cheese, leftover turkeyI like a pretty simple sandwich. Just some slices of turkey and some Swiss cheese.

It was delicious.


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Late Fall Color

Here in California we usually have fall color a little later than most of the country.

fall color, library, parking lot, autumn colorOn Wednesday I made a quick afternoon trip to the library to pick up a book that had come in for me. I just had to take a picture of the red leaves on one of the trees in the parking lot. You can also see a beautiful tree with yellow leaves in the background.

fall color, yellow leaves, libraryAcross the street from the library are a row of trees that always have nice yellow leaves in the late fall. They have still not fully turned, but I do like the variation of color in the picture.

palm trees, fall color, sunsetAfter my Thanksgiving feast and a nap yesterday I took a walk around the nearby park.

I like the color of both the leaves on the trees and the palm trees that are lit up by the setting sun.

You can also see the moon in the sky.

red leaves, fall color, california, moonThis tree with red leaves is really lit up by the sun and is ablaze with color. The moon makes an appearance in this picture as well.

fall color, pink rose, rose bushYou don’t often think of roses when you think of fall color, but here in California we have roses blooming almost year round and this one caught my eye while I was walking. Definitely a nice spot of fall color.

I hope you enjoyed this late fall color.


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