I took a look at the calendar hanging above my computer this evening and noticed that the square for today had Assumption written in it. I then remembered that I had written a post titled Feast of the Assumption years ago.

Here is what I wrote then:

I had to stop and think, what is the Feast of the Assumption? I started to think of the assumption of Christ, but that would have been before Pentecost which is much earlier in the year.

What is this day?

I had to look it up and found that it is a Catholic and Eastern Orthodox feast that celebrates the Assumption of Mary. Where is this found in scripture?

I did remember that there was a site in Jerusalem close to the Garden of Gethsemane that was known as the Tomb of the Virgin Mary. I thought that I had at least taken a picture of it from the bus, so decided to look back through my pictures from the trip.

Tomb of the Virgin Mary - Feast of the Assumption - Kidron Valley - Mount of Olives - JerusalemHere is a small domed structure that stands in the courtyard of the Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary. It had caught my eye and I had taken a picture without knowing what it was.

Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary - Tomb of the Virgin Mary - Feast of the Assumption - Kidron Valley - Mount of Olives - Jerusalem

Here is the picture of the entrance to the Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary. The entrance is below ground level and the tomb is even further down with more than 50 descending steps behind the entrance.

There are some very interesting Eastern Orthodox traditions about the death of Mary. One tradition is that she was raised after three days and only left behind a cincture or sash. There is even some debate as to whether she was assumed into heaven before her death or whether she actually died.

There are early references to a tomb of Mary in the Kidron Valley, but there are also references to Mary spending the last years of her life in Ephesus.

Even though Mary was blessed among women, it is not her death that we are to remember. Mary was blessed because she was the mother of the Savior.

Tomb with rolling stone - Tomb in Israel - Ressurection - Easter SundayWe are to remember that there was an Empty Tomb when Mary’s son was sacrificed for our sins and was resurrected on the third day.



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Fire on the Roadside

This afternoon on the way home from work there was a fire on the roadside.

fire, 11st street, tracy, california, roadsideI could see that there was a fire ahead as I was coming down the Altamont, but could not tell exactly where it was. It was soon hid from view, but I could see it again once I was on 205.

As I got close to the Eleventh Street exit you could definitely see where it was.

fire, 11st street, tracy, california, roadsideAss I exited off on Eleventh Street, I could tell exactly where the fire was. It was in the 205 median just by the ramp from Eleventh Street onto West 205.

fire, 11st street, tracy, california, roadsideI was soon driving into the smoke from the fire. Even though I had the fan set to recirculate the air there was a very strong smoke smell in the car.

fire, 11st street, tracy, california, roadsideI was actually surprised that they had not shut down the road with the amount of smoke that was blowing across the road. I am just glad that I made it through before traffic was bad. I checked traffic later and there were many problems on the route home.

fire, 11st street, tracy, california, roadside I was soon past the fire and headed on to my hair cut appointment, which was the reason I was heading home early.

After the haircut I went home and laid down to read. I had planned on reading a couple chapters and then getting something to eat before heading down to Patterson. Instead, I woke up an hour later after falling asleep while reading. The combination of 100+ heat and the smoke from the fire is not good for my sinuses and respiratory system.

Hopefully it will cool down soon.


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