Need to Prune my Roses

I really need to prune my roses. However, I have just not been getting around to it.

rose bloom, roses, rose bushes, pruning timeMy rose bushes are full of spent blooms.

Pruned rose bush, yard workThe rose bush in my back yard is spilling over the fence.

December Roses - Before Pruning - Rose Pruning - Winter PruningMy rose bushes still have some roses on them. Not quite as much as this picture from years past, but still have a few.

Pruning Roses - Rose Bushes - St. Patrick Hybrid Tea Rose - Winter PruningThis picture is also from six years ago. My rose garden looks a bit different as I have removed much of the bush between the roses and also the bushes on the end are not as big. They don’t get as much sun as they used to and are also getting quite old.

Rose Bush, Pruning, Winter PruningMy rose garden should really be looking like this now.

I had planned on pruning them today. However, I slept in this morning and then had other things to get done.

Yellow Rose Bloom - St. Patrick Rose - November Roses - Rose BushesI have to think about how much to cut back my roses as I am starting to get blooms again on some of the bushes.

Maybe next weekend…..


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A Darling New York Farm

Tonight I will share information about a farm from my Mother’s side of the family.

3rd Great Grandfather, David Darling, Ancestry, Geneaology, Family HistoryMy third great-grandfather David Darling lived near Cape Vincent, New York in 1850.

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYI checked to see if I could find an Agriculture Schedule for him and was able to find one.

David had only a small farm of 19 acres with a cash value of $247. He also had $35 of farming implements and machinery.

He had one horse, one milch cow, one other cattle and two swine for a total value of $42.

It was also interesting to see what he grew on the farm. 10 bushels of wheat, 30 bushels of Indian corn and 30 bushels of oats.

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYThe second page of the schedule shows 10 bushels of peas and beans and 20 bushels of Irish potatoes.

David produced 50 pounds of butter from his milch cows and the value of his slaughtered animals was $20.

Definitely a much smaller farm than that of Absalom Leeper which I wrote about yesterday. See: Leeper Farm Schedule

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYAfter finding the agriculture data I decided to see if I could find out where the farm was.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a land ownership map from 1850 when the Darling family lived in Cape Vincent Township. By the time of this 1864 map the family had moved on west.

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYHowever I still had some information to work with. I decided to look for the names of his neighbors on the 1850 census and found them on the 1864 map. David Darling would have lived in this area near the Delany, Rice and Armstrong families.

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYHere you can see the approximate area that he lived in. He would have lived less than two miles away from the St. Lawrence River and near the village of St. Lawrence. Many years ago I visited Cape Vincent and drove down the road along the river. I was that close to where he lived.

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYI will share more about Cape Vincent in a future post as it is one of the upcoming destinations for my Virtual Hike. The last post was from Carlisle Township, Ohio so I am getting closer.

It is really cool to add some color to the lives of my ancestors.


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