Dome of the Tablets

I have been thinking of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem this week since it has been in the news.

Dome of tablets, Temple Mount, Foundation Stone?, Eastern Gate, Jerusalem, TempleWhile walking tonight I thought about this small structure on the Temple Mount that has long intrigued me. In Arab tradition this is known as the Dome of Tablets. It is thought that it is to commemorate the Tablets of the Law. Of course the Tablets of the Law were kept in the Ark of the Covenant, so there is also a theory that this is the Foundation Stone which is where the Holy of Holies was.

Foundation Stone?, Even ha-Shetiah, Holy of Holies, Temple MountThe Dome of the Tablets stands above exposed bedrock on the Temple Mount and it is just a little lower that es-Sakhra which is under the Dome of the Rock.

Dome of Tablets, Alignment with Eastern Gate, Foundation Stone, Temple Mount, JerusalemIt is difficult to see, but looking east the Eastern Gate of the Temple Mount is in the background.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Google Maps, Dome of Tablets, Eastern Gate, TempleThe Dome of Tablets is very small in comparison to the Dome of the Rock. In the picture above from Google Maps it is within the blue circle. The Eastern or Golden Gate is circled in red. You can see that they line up with each other.

Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Golden DomeHere is the view of the Dome of the Rock from just beside the Dome of Tablets.

So, is the Dome of the Tablets where the Temple was built? There are some intriguing arguments, but very few scholars agree with the theory.

I am always open to learning more and reading about alternate ideas, so I will continue to research 🙂

It is always interesting to pick up books written as little as 20 years ago and see how understanding of different historical or archaeological sites change as new information is found.



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Moon Landing II

Today is the 48th anniversary of the Moon Landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission.

Moon Landing - Coffee Can - Butternut Coffee - Space Program - Apollo Program - Neil ArmstronOne of my first thoughts when I saw that today was the anniversary was this coffee can that my Grandmother gave me.

Moon Landing  – President John F. Kennedy vowed the first man on the Moon would be an American, and that he would be there by 1970. Since that promise, Americans have orbited the Moon, photographed it from a height of 9 miles, analyzed soil samples through un-manned soft-landing on the Moon’s surface and selected landing sites.

Moon Landing - Apollo 11 - Neil Armstrong - Coffee Can - Butternut Coffee - Space ProgramThe can of coffee was put on sale in 1969 between the Apollo 10 and Apollo 11 missions. I have seen a few of these on the internet and have seen them sell anywhere from 15-50 dollars. Not worth too much, but more than the original purchase price 🙂

Full Moon, Sony hand held camera, Zeiss Lens, EclipseI do remember when astronauts were on the moon, but not the Apollo 11 mission. I was a bit too young then. I have a very vivid memory of riding to church services one evening in Ottumwa, Iowa and my parents talking about the astronauts walking on the moon as we looked up in the sky at a bright full moon.

The picture above is one that I took with my little hand held camera. Of course, it does have nice Zeiss lens so came out OK.

Did you know that the cameras that were flown to the moon on the Apollo missions had Zeiss lenses? There are 12 cameras with Zeiss lenses that are still on the moon as they left them behind to save weight. However, they did remember to bring the film back 🙂

Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Frank Miller - Why Man into Space - Moon LandingI also thought about this editorial cartoon today that is about why we went to Space.

This is man’s voyage and instinct … to grope and search and reach for the heights of heaven.

I wonder if we will ever go back to the moon again? China sent a rover to the earth just four years ago and there are a handful of teams competing for a Google prize to send rovers to the moon.

The August National Geographic is a Space issue and I have skimmed through it, but plan to dive in when I have more time.

Do you remember when men walked on the moon?




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