Old-Time Photography XI – Cows and Horses

Tonight I was searching for something else and ran across an interesting series of old pictures. When I saw the pictures I thought of my Old-Time Photography series, so here is the first new post in the series in over two years.

Old Time Photography, Cow, Milk Maid, Ma and CowThe pictures are from the 1920’s and this one is labeled on the back as Ma’s Cow. Here you can see Ma milking the cow.

Bone and Walter, Horse and Child, Old Time PhotographyThe handwriting on the back of this picture is a bit hard to decipher, but it looks like it says Bone and Walter. I assume that the little boy’s name is Walter and the name of the horse is Bone. The horse definitely looks like a field horse.

Star and Minnie, Horses, Chub Van Duzor, Great GrandfatherIn this picture my Great Grandfather Charles Shafer Van Duzor is with his two horses Star and Minnie.

Horse and Buggy, Van Duzor, Dorr, Old Time PhotographyI really like this old picture of a horse and buggy.

This picture is also of my Great Grandfather. He was known as Chub and this is what is written on the back of the picture. He is with some of my Grandma’s cousins in this picture.

They look like maybe they had been having a family outing. Perhaps a picnic.

You can find more of my Old-Time Photography posts by clicking on the link in this sentence.

Which of these pictures are the most interesting?


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Another Lazy Dog Dinner

Tonight I had another Lazy Dog Dinner.

Lazy Dog Restaurant, Dinner, Team DinnerAfter finishing our meetings today our training team met together for a dinner. The last time that I ate at Lazy Dog was also a team dinner, but for a different team that I am a part of.

I am thinking even further back, and the only other time I remember eating at Lazy Dog it was with yet another team 🙂

Sculpture, Lazy Dog, Horse HeadLazy Dog has some interesting decor. Here is a horse head sculpture that is made from different metal items. It is quite intricate.

pole sculpture, Lazy Dog Restaurant, Dublin, CaliforniaThey also have this interesting chandelier made of logs. I am not sure if they are aspen or birch logs, but they are quite interesting.

Pot Roast, Lazy Dog, Team Dinner, beef roastI ordered the pot roast. This was an interesting way to plate the pot roast with the broth surrounding the potatoes, roast and spinach. It was worth a picture.

So, how did the pot roast taste? I will let a picture give you a hint.

Cleaned Plate, Pot Roast, Lazy DogThe pot roast was really good, and I cleaned my plate. It would have been nice to have a piece of bread or a roll to clean the plate with, as the broth was really good.

We had a nice evening talking about things other than work and getting to know each other a bit better.

Now for more meetings tomorrow.


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