Mother’s Day Picture Challenge

A couple weeks ago I was asked to provide some pictures of my Mother when she was younger. The congregation where she attends was having a Mother’s Day brunch.

Tonight I was talking to my Mom and she said thank you for sending the pictures. I had to think a bit, what pictures had I sent? Since I wasn’t supposed to mention the brunch I didn’t make the connection at first.

She said that they had a nice time and that as part of it they had a challenge to pick who was who from pictures taken when they were younger. She said she got most of them and only swapped one pair.

The picture that they chose to use of my Mother was one of here wearing a yellow dress.

Mom, Mother's Day, Yellow Dress, tableYou can’t see in the picture that the dress is yellow, but she remembered the color. I wonder if it would show up as Yellow if I try one of the apps that colorize pictures? Maybe I should try it.Yellow Dress, ColorizedHere is the picture colorized. The app in Ancestry did not see it as yellow, but maybe I could try it again after adjusting the picture.

I do like this picture colorized, but I think I like the original better.

In any case she is beautiful.

Which do you like better?



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