Mother’s Day Cartoon

This upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day, so Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother.

I am posting this a bit ahead as I was thinking about a political cartoon about mothers that I posted 10 years ago.


The first Mother’s Day was celebrated by Anna Jarvis a little over 100 years ago. A few years later in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday when he announced the proclamation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

The original intent of Anna Jarvis was for the holiday to honor your own mother. This is why it is officially Mother’s and not Mothers’ or Mothers day. The holiday is intended as a time for families to honor their own mother.

As I have stated in earlier posts this week, Planting Time and Spirit, Courage and Thoughtful Action, I have another Frank Andrea Miller editorial cartoon to share for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day - Frank Andrea Miller - Frank Miller - editorial cartoon - Des Moines Register - Honoring Mothers - Multiple JobsThis cartoon was published in the Des Moines Register in 1959. I really like the images that Frank Miller put together in this cartoon. He really caught the sense of the many different jobs that mothers do each day. Most of these individual images bring back memories of my own mother when I was growing up. The Army Captain one is not bringing back specific memories, but the longer I look at the image and as I am typing more memories are flooding back about the other images. I am sure that you also have memories flooding back from your childhood as you look at this cartoon.

Of course the post would not be complete without a picture of my Mother holding me when I was a baby.

Mother's Day - Mother and Baby - Mother's Day on the Farm - Wellman, IowaWasn’t I such a cute little baby? Oh wait, this is about my Mother. My Mother looks so beautiful holding this sweet little baby :-). This was taken at the farm we lived at near Wellman, Iowa. I am the only one of my siblings who was born when we lived on the farm. The others are all city kids ;-).

I also want to post a picture of one of my Mother’s favorite roses.

Tropican Rose - Tropican Hybrid Tea Rose - Happy Mother's Day - Rose BushThis rose is a Tropicana Hybrid Tea from my garden. I remember the Tropicana rose bush that grew under the bedroom window of my parents when we lived in Ashland. When I moved to California and was choosing rose bushes to plant in my garden, Tropicana was a logical choice as it brings back so many good memories. Especially memories of my Mother and of my Grandfather, who worked in a nursery.

I hope that all of my friends have a great Mother’s day as they honor their mothers or are honored as a mother by their children.


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