I am thinking about bikes tonight as I was almost forced off the sidewalk by one this evening. I was walking along listening to the Bible when all of a sudden I heard a noise and looked to the side as a bicycle came from behind me and passed me. I almost ended up in the bushes as he brushed by. I thankfully caught my balance in time to avoid falling.

Why was he not in the Bike Lane that we spent thousands of tax payer dollars to construct? Was it because he didn’t have proper protective equipment on the bike such as reflectors or a headlamp? Was he unaware of the bike laws? It is now illegal in California for a town or city to require bike licensing, so maybe he was not instructed on bike laws.

OK, rant is over. Now to some bike memories.

Bike, Schwinn Bicycle, Big Handlebars, Over the handlebarsI have been thinking back to when I was a kid. I remember getting this blue bike for my birthday one year. I also remember going to a bike safety course to learn the rules pertaining to riding a bike.

bike sculpture, jena, germany, bikes in skyI also thought of this alleyway in Germany with bikes hanging off the walls and in the sky.

Bicycle, Stadium, Tokyo 2020I thought of this bike parked outside of the Tokyo Olympic stadium.Bike Garage, Kyoto Japan

You don’t see as many bikes on the busy streets of Tokyo, but I did see this bike garage in Kyoto, Japan.

China bicycles, Metro System, ShanghaiYou definitely see more bikes in China. Here is a large number parked by a subway station in Shanghai.

Women Riding Bicycles, 1890's, Solio Paper, Printing Out Paper, Old-Time PhotographyI also thought of this picture that was scanned in from an old packet of pictures my Grandma had in her picture box. I am not sure who they are, but they looked quite stylish with the long skirts. A good illustration as to why there is a difference between boy and girl bikes.

Just some random memories, but now my mind is a bit clearer.


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