Easter Egg Thoughts

Since it is Easter I have been thinking about eggs during the past week.

Wooden Easter Eggs, Germany, Jena, HandcraftsI have been in Germany close to Easter several times. It is interesting to go shopping then as you can find many different types of Easter eggs for sale. Here are some nice colorful wooden eggs. If you look closely you will see that they have a little ring for attaching a string or ribbon.

Easter Egg Tree - Wooden Easter Eggs - German Traditions - Easter TraditionsIn Germany they hang eggs on trees for Easter. Sometimes they are hung inside as decorations, but you will also see them hanging outdoors on trees in the yard. Of course, the ones hanging outside are usually made of plastic.

Deviled Eggs - Paprika - Finger Foods - Holiday Party - Artistic Finger FoodSince I have been thinking of Easter eggs I am also thinking of deviled eggs. What do you do with the remains of all those colored eggs?

Now on to another egg thought.

Chinese grocery store, egg display, eggs, packagingHave you ever been to a grocery store in a different country? It is always interesting to see how they display or package different items of food.

Here is an egg display in a grocery store in Shanghai. It is interesting that they are not packaged. You can select the eggs that you want to buy from the stacks.

Net Bag Eggs, Egg Cartons, Packaged Eggs, Chinese eggsThey also sell them in net bags or packaged in different amounts.

Have you ever seen eggs sold in net bags?


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