Soup in Mexico City

Today I was having lunch with a colleague from Mexico and we were talking about food. This had me thinking of some of the great soups that I have enjoyed during trips to Mexico City.

I will often order soup when I travel there. They always have some good choices for soup and it is almost always really good.

Tonight I will share pictures of some bowls of soup I enjoyed in a long ago trip and will keep the commentary to a minimum šŸ™‚ Just enjoy the soup.

Chicken Soup in Mexico City - Chicken Soup with Avocado - SopasHere is a nice chicken soup with avocado. I really liked the fresh avocado with the very simple chicken soup.

Basil Tomato Soup - Mexico City Soup - Sopa - Cheese Here a nice tomato basil soup with a dollop of creamy cheese was a nice starter before lunch. I then had a nice piece of fish for my main course. This meal was enjoyed during a trip Back in Time.

Mexican Tortilla Soup - Sopa - Tortilla Sopa - Mexican Soups - Tortilla SoupOr, maybe you would like a nice bowl of tortilla soup before having some authentic tacos for lunch. This was my lunch after a visit to Cuicuilco.

Chicken Soup - Shredded Chicken - Polla Sopa - Coyoacan I had another great chicken soup at the Casa de Cultura. I really liked this simple soup with shredded chicken.

Soup Starter - Spanish Chicken Soup - Casa Avila - Mexico City - FlamencoWait, this is not soup! This is just pieces of chicken and rice. What am I missing?

Soup Starter - Spanish Chicken Soup - Casa Avila - Mexico City - FlamencoAfter they brought out the bowl of dry ingredients they then poured in a beautiful broth and I enjoyed one of the best bowls of chicken soup that I have ever tasted. After a nice dinner I then enjoyed the Noches de Flamenco show at Casa Avila.

I hope you enjoyed this little sample of the soups I enjoyed during a long ago trip.


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