A Walk around the Park III

This past six months I have been walking around the park a lot. Many of the rounds come at night, like today, but also many of them are in the daytime. I like to take pictures when I walk to document some of the nice views that I have. Also depending on the time of the day I sometimes get some unique views.

sunset progression, california, red sky, sunsets, park, silhouetteIf I am walking in the evening I often get to see a beautiful sunset.

Tracy california, park, fog, afternoon, walkIf I am walking at dusk, I can get some nice views of the sky and some great silhouettes.

Park, Gazebo, Fall Day, Beautiful walk, exercise, Vote WalkI get some great views of the gazebo in the park during the different seasons.

Zanusi Park - Gazebo - California - Tulip Trees - Japanese Magnolia - Magnolia liliifloraIn late winter I get to see the tulip trees start to bloom.

fall, leaves, leaves on sidewalk,, red leaves, autumnIn fall I get to see the sidewalks strewn with the colorful leaves that fall.

Zanuzi Park, Tracy, California, Moon, Full MoonI will finish this post with a picture of a full moon over the gazebo.

Tonight I walked while it was drizzling, so no pictures. However, I got my 5k in for the day and it is now time to warm up before getting some sleep.


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