Distant Quarterback Cousins

Did you know that Patrick Mahomes is distantly related to another famous quarterback?

I will often read articles about genealogy and the connections that famous people have with each other. I also like to visit the website Famouskin.com

There have been several articles written about the ancestry of Patrick Mahomes. One was written shortly before the last Super Bowl he was in and another this year. There was also one written this year about the quarterback for the Eagles.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, Kansas City, Chiefs, super bowl

Picture from Wikipedia

Patrick Mahomes has ancestry that goes all the way back to the Massachusetts Colony. One of his immigrant ancestors was Captain Michael Bacon of Dedham, Massachusetts. He immigrated in the 1630’s.

Captain Michael Bacon has another descendant who is also a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

steve young, quarterback, super bowl, 49ers, San Francisco

Picture from Wikipedia

Steve Young, who played for the San Francisco 49ers, is an 11th cousin once removed of Patrick Mahomes according to Famouskin.com.

I looked to see if there was a connection to Kevin Bacon, but his Bacon ancestors came from a different area in England. But, there is a connection to his wife Kyra Sedgewick as she is also a descendant of Captain Michael Bacon and a distant cousin to the two quarterbacks.

It is interesting how connections can be found in Genealogy. Isn’t that what the Bacon number is all about?



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