Wednesday Image Search – Gar

Welcome to another Wednesday Image Search where I pick a string of letters or a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

Last week I searched for ‘far.’ This week I will search for ‘gar.’

What images will I find?

Pho Garnish, Basil, lime, bean sprouts, WonderPhoThe first image is a small plate of garnish items for a nice bowl of pho at WonderPho in Toronto. This was one of my favorite pho restaurants, but it closed down sometime just before my last trip to the office in Toronto.

Garden of Gethsemane - Olive Trees - Mount of Olives - Old Olive TreesHere is an very old olive tree in the Garden of Gethsemane. I took this almost eleven years ago during my first trip to Israel.

Kangaroo - Taronga Zoo - Sydney Zoo - Australia - Zoo ExhibitsNow for a kangaroo. I took this at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

welwyn Carden City, England, classNext we have a sign at the railway station for Welwyn Garden City. Our office in the UK used to be there.

Rose Garden - Spring Roses - Floribunda - Home to RosesFinally, we have a picture of my rose garden.

There were a lot of  ‘gar’ pictures to choose from. It is interesting what words have ‘gar’ in them. I hope you enjoyed my selections.

Which is your favorite of these ‘gar’ pictures?

What should I search for next?  Since I am following a series with ‘?ar’  the next one will probably be ‘har.’


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