January Yellow Roses

It is January and I still have blooms on my rose bushes. I had started pruning my rose bushes, but didn’t finish before being hit by one rain storm after another the last couple weeks.

January roses, yellow rose, I took this picture while getting reading to go walk last evening. It is so hard to prune back roses when you still have blooms on them.

January roses, yellow rose, Here is another bloom that says, please don’t prune yet.

January roses, yellow rose, Here is one on another rose bush that still has multiple blooms.

Perhaps once the series of storms comes through and the ground dries out a bit I will finally prune the rest of my rose bushes.

High Wind, saturated soil, park warning, treesThe storms have been a bit strong with rain and high winds. The local park where I walk has warning signs up because of the storms that have been coming through. I make sure I am aware of the trees when the wind is blowing hard, especially as I have seen large broken branches that have come down in the park because of the wind.


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