A Christmas Eve Flight

Tonight I am thinking back to a flight that I took seven years ago today. I had been in Scotland and England visiting some customers and was heading home for the holidays. I am thinking of the many people flying today and am glad that I am not one of them since so many flights have been delayed or cancelled.

Today I flew back home from England. Before I left for the airport I updated my profile picture on Facebook.

Santa Hat, Christmas Eve, Long FlightHere was my caption: Getting ready for a long Christmas Eve flight

I did have a long flight as I was flying from London to San Francisco.

Heathrow, London, England, Airport, United, Christmas treeAs I headed to my gate to board I stopped and took this picture of our aircraft.

As I walked up to the gate one of the gate agents spotted me with my hat and quickly came over to greet me. He acted like a kid being excited to see Santa. I have priority boarding with United, but he bumped me up to the very first group. I was the first person to board the plane.

I then settled in for the long flight. I watched an old Bond movie and then settled in for a nice long nap.

International Terminal, San Francisco, SFO, Christmas at SFOWe finally made it to SFO and after a long wait for my bag I was out at the curb waiting for the parking shuttle. The International terminal was lit up with red and green lights and it was very pretty.

After retrieving my car it was a very long drive home as several accidents slowed down traffic.

I am now home and very tired. I am heading for bed very soon as it is now almost the time I make myself stay up till to help get over jet lag quicker.


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