Wednesday Image Search – Sus

Welcome to another Wednesday Image Search where I pick a string of letters or a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

After searching for ‘rus’ last week, I will search for ‘sus’ this week.

What images will I find?

Firefighter Statue, Tracy, California, Lawrence NobleThe first image is of a firefighter statue here in town. I really like the suspenders on the statue.

Roman Road Tarsus - Tarsus City Center - Steps of Paul - Paul the ApostleNext we have a picture of me by an old Roman road in Tarsus, Turkey.

Stalking Horse Bidder - Hostess Brands - Dolly Madison - TwinkiesHere is a picture of a horse that I took at the Estancia Santa Susana in Argentina. My sister and I visited there after our cruise to Antarctica.

Oak Island - The Garden ShaftBig TeethHere are the teeth of a Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). I took this picture at a zoo in Australia.

sushi, brazil, strawberry sushi, sashimiFinally, we have a picture of a plate of sushi from a restaurant in Brazil.

There were a nice number of ‘sus’ pictures to choose from. I hope you enjoyed my selection.

Which is your favorite of these ‘sus’ pictures?

What should I search for next?  I will probably go with ‘tus’. I have a number of images to choose from.


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