Oak Island – Curios Copper Artifact

Season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island continues to show new discoveries and theories.

This week on Oak Island we start to see progress on the rehabilitation of the Garden Shaft.

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?Of course, one thing to remember is that the dig season is already over. They have taken the time to determine how to present things each week to build suspense and keep viewers tuned in.

oak Island, Money Pit, Mahone BayThey also continued to drill bore holes in the Money Pit area looking for shafts and tunnels. They are continuing to follow a tunnel as they progress toward the Garden Shaft. They also found what they believe is a tunnel on top of another tunnel. Perhaps tunnels crossing one above the other?

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaThe muon imaging project is in the way of where they wanted to drill the next bore hole, and they still has several months remaining in the data acquisition stage. It will be interesting to see their next steps.

It is interesting that the name of the episode includes muon, but no results. Only that it is in the way of their current drilling project.

oak island, curse of oak lsland, satellite, money pitThey also did some more metal detecting on lot 8 and found a curious copper artifact. The artifact is hand decorated with interesting symbols and is folded over. The imaging equipment was able to give a detailed scan of the surfaces and the symbols on the artifact.

It will be interesting to see how this piece is interpreted as it has now been shown to fans with a more diverse range of experience. I found it interesting that the expert they interviewed has a specialty of Mesoamerican archaeology. The theory is that the artifact is European in origin, very old and possibly religious in nature.

They also found two links of a metal chain, which of course were interpreted as a chain to help secure a treasure chest.

Near the end of the episode large equipment was brought in to start the excavation of the Garden Shaft.

In the preview of the next episode they showed a return to the swamp and also some excitement when the core drilling experienced a large drop through an open area which could be a man made cavern. They also had some excitement again with a metal detecting find.

It looks like things will get interesting next week as they start the excavation in the Garden Shaft. Was it the original Money Pit? There is some speculation that it may be.

How long before they can finally go below the surface?

What will happen next?


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