Watching the World Cup in 2018

While watching the World Cup this year I have been thinking of previous World Cups. Tonight I will re-share some of my memories from the last World Cup. I will make a few changes to grammar and time references, but it will basically be what I posted four years ago (with a few comments).

It is World Cup time for football (soccer for us Americans) again and around the world billions of people are watching the games.

In the US viewership was down from the previous World cup four years before with only a few million watching the games. Of course, this is partially because the US did not qualify for the last World Cup and the fact that many games were during standard work hours.

Hotel Room TV, World Cup, World Cup 2018, South AfricaI watched a few games on this TV while in South Africa for a week during the World Cup. The games were in the evening time so I would turn the TV on when I returned to my room and either watch matches or highlights of the games that had been played. Of course, I napped through some of the games while recovering from jet lag.

Restaurant, World Cup, Watch and EatOn Thursday night we had a course dinner and watched one of the games while eating our delicious meal.

Outdoor TV, World Cup, South Africa 2018The TV that we watched the game on was very large. It was a cold evening and not too many people were outside in this plaza watching the game.

Hotel Big Screen, South Africa, World Cup, SoccerIn the hotel lobby there was a large screen and in the evenings the World Cup matches were being shown.

While waiting at the airport for my flight I watched one of the games in the airline lounge. There was much excitement in the lounge as people were cheering for both sides.

World Cup 2018, Soccer, Football, Lufthansa, Russia, SpainDuring the flight from JNB to FRA I watched one game and on the flight between FRA and SFO I watched two games. Lufthansa had several live TV channels and they showed the games.

I was really glad that I was able to see the Spain vs. Russia match as it was a very exciting game.

Now that I am home I am back to watching on my own TV or the small screens in our cafeteria at work. (It was interesting to watch the people from different countries watch the game. We have a lot of Europeans that work in our office)

In the last two weeks productivity has been down at our office 🙂

Are you watching the World Cup? Who do you think will win? I think it may be Croatia or Belgium. (France was the champion, so my prediction was not right.)


Should I try to make a prediction? Perhaps it will be the Croatia/Argentina winner who will take the championship.

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