Book Finds II

Yesterday I made a trip to the used book store. This was the first time to visit there since before the pandemic. I am just glad that it is still there.

Penguin Classics, Dickens, Oliver Twist, book collecting, booksI always go through the shelves of paperbacks at the used book store and look for Penguin Popular Classics. I found one that I didn’t have yet. I now have almost 80 from this series of paperbacks.

I first started picking these up at book stores at the airport when I traveled in Europe. I like the way they look on the bookshelf. These are not easy to find as to my knowledge they were not sold in the US. Sometimes I find price tags from around the world on them.

Companion Library, book collecting, booksAnother thing I look for at the used book store is older books that help complete some collections that I have. I remember the Companion Library series from when I was young.

They were an interesting concept as they would have two books that were back to back.

Companion Library, Robin Hood, books, collectingThis one had Robin Hood by Howard Pyle on one side.

The Lame Prince, Companion library, book collecting, books
If you turn the book over on the other side is The Little Lame Prince by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik. I now have most of the books in this classic series. I could just search for them on the internet, but part of the fun is finding them.

Cooking with Soup, Campbell cookbook, recipes, food, green bean casseroleA recent find at the library book sale was a cookbook by Campbell. Cooking with Soup has 608 recipes that include soup. I found that this was a first edition from 1968.

Cooking with Soup, Campbell cookbook, recipes, food, green bean casseroleThe most used recipe from this cookbook is Green Bean Casserole. The recipe was put together in 1955, but this is perhaps the first cook book to include it. I have not found anything about an earlier Campbell’s cookbook. Before then, it was on soup labels, articles in magazines, or in advertisements.

I may have to try some of the other recipes in this cookbook. There are some interesting ones.


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  1. Natives News says:

    Penguin Popular Classics. Time classic

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