Virtual Triggered Memories

This afternoon I was in a virtual meeting with colleagues from Asia which triggered some memories.

Singapore Flyer - Ferris Wheel - Singapore - Tallest Ferris Wheel - Singapore FerryOne of my colleagues made me think of several trips to Singapore over the years.

Gaoqiao, Song Dynasty, China, Old BridgeI thought about some trips to Shanghai.

Badaling, Great Wall of China, Ming Dynasty Wall, Reconstructed WallDuring one of my trips to Shanghai I also visited our office in Beijing and was able to see the Great Wall.

Seoul, South Korea - New and Old - Palaces and Skyscrapers - January in SeoulI also thought of Seoul, especially as one of my colleagues will be visiting our office here early next year.

Tokyo Skyline, Sunset, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Tatsumi-yaguraAs the post comes to an end, here is a sunset in Tokyo near the Edo Castle.

Whenever I have meetings with colleagues from other countries I have memories flood back if I have visited there.



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