Let the Decorations Begin

Thanksgiving is now past and it is time for Christmas decorations.

holiday decorations, christmas, blowup decorations, christmas lights
I have already been seeing them, even before Thanksgiving. However, they have really started popping up this weekend.

christmas decorations, christmas, decorations, best of showI know that I won’t see a display at this house in the neighborhood, as the house has changed hands. However, there will still be plenty of displays nearby.

Holiday decorations, 2021, front yard, blow up decorationsI am not sure yet whether I will have a display in my yard. Usually by this time my neighbor has asked if they can use part of my yard.

Christmas decorations, lights, holiday decorationsI have seen some simpler displays going up and I look forward to taking some pictures in a couple weeks while out for a walk.

Weihnachtspyramide, Jena, Christmas, Germany, Ferris WhellQuite often I travel in December and am not home to see the local displays slowly come up. I leave for a trip and return to see a transformation. However, during the past couple years I have not been traveling. I will miss seeing the Christmas decorations in the Christmas markets in Germany.




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