Osaka Food Thoughts

This evening I was watching some Sumo wrestling. The tournament was in Osaka, which made me think of some of the food that I ate during my last trip to Osaka and Kyoto.CoCo Ichibanya, curry house, ton katsu, breaded food, curryI will start with a meal I had at the  The Curry House. I did not realize that I had ordered so much. It was a good thing that I was hungry. I always enjoy the katsu at the Curry House.

Bento box, Korean, Bulgogi, Japan, lunchHere is a bento box that I had for lunch at a Korean restaurant. It is still a bit Japanese in the presentation and was quite good.

Spiny Lobster, lobster sushi, Japanese Cuisine, FoodHere is some nice Spiny Lobster sashimi. This was quite an interesting dish.

okonomiyaki, savory pancake, osaka, japanese food

While waiting for the Shinkansen in Osaka we had okonomiyaki which are savory pancakes. These were really good. They were sprinkled with bonito flakes which moved around by the steam coming off the pancakes. It was quite interesting.

udon noodles, tempura, Japanese Food, Cuisine

The last night night in Osaka it was really late when we got back from a customer so we went out for a quick meal of udon noodles and tempura.


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