No Flight Home

After teaching for a week in Germany, I do not need to take a flight home. I have been teaching virtually so I have not gone further than the library this week.

Regional Train, Jena Goschwitz, Train TravelIf I had been physically in Germany I would have been up early Saturday morning to catch a train to Erfurt.

ICE, Erfurt, Germany, Train, High Speed TrainI would have then transferred to an ICE train that would take me to the Frankfurt airport.

ICE, Fernbahnhof, Frankfurt Airport Train StationThe train would drop me off at the airport and I would have gotten ready to fly home.

United 777, Frankfurt Airport, No More 747'sI would then board my flight for home.

San Francisco International Airport, SFO, Home AirportAfter landing at SFO I would  pick up my car and make the long drive home.

I am wondering how my body will adjust to getting back on schedule after staying up all night teaching all week and not getting enough sleep during the day. I am teaching a course next week at the office at the normal time, and have to be up early each day to commute to work. I will try and get back on a normal schedule tomorrow. I am trying to stay up late so I can get a good night of sleep at my normal time. I did stay up most of the day today, attending several virtual meetings and getting caught up on e-mails helped me keep from napping. Hopefully I will get back on schedule before Monday.


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