Rest Day

After long days of teaching this week I was able to take a rest day. My class was for only four days, but felt much longer. I had to be on-line early in Toronto each day, and then usually had late day meetings to attend as well. Virtual teaching is hard as you sometimes have trouble getting to sleep early or figuring out when to sleep. At least when you travel you may have jet lag but you body adapts to the new schedule.

Washer, Laundry, Trip Prep, DryerI should have done some laundry today, but put it off.

Electric Mower, Mowing the Yard, Lawn Care, Green Grass, Winter GrassI should have mowed the lawn.

dishwasher, used more, shelter in placeI should have loaded the dishwasher.

Maybe I will do these tasks this weekend or perhaps next week. I will be teaching all night long while virtually in Germany and will be looking for things to tire me out so I can sleep in the daytime.

Next week will be rough.

November walk, 1/3 mile loop, trees, gazebo, fallI did get some long walks in this week while trying to make sure I had some exercise so I would be tired and be able to go to sleep earlier. I still had trouble getting to sleep early.

book drop, library book return, tracy library, routineI did get to the library today to return the books I finished this week and picked up some that had come in on inter-library load. I no sooner made it home that I had an e-mail letting me know that I had two more to pick up, so I will make my traditional Saturday trip to the library tomorrow.

Even though I took a vacation day I still attended a meeting and answered some time sensitive e-mails.

I am still trying to figure out when to sleep on Monday before I start teaching at midnight.


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