Happy 80th Birthday Dad!

Today back in Missouri my family had a birthday party for my Dad for his 80th birthday. His birthday was earlier in the week. I had hoped to attend, but had a class that ended late on Friday and another that starts early Monday morning. So, I joined by Facetime to sing happy birthday and later for a reading of some notes about memories from the family.

Tonight I will also share some pictures with you.

Kid in Overalls, Country Kid, Dad as ChildI really like this picture of my Dad in overalls from when he was growing up in Coin, Iowa.

Cow Riding, Fun on the Farm, 1950's Farm SceneMy Dad grew up on a farm and worked with many animals. Here he is riding a cow. Fall River Pass - Colorado - Old Jump Picture - Classic Jump PictureMy Dad likes to have a little fun, like posing for a Jumping Picture long before they became a fad. Or, was this a photo bomb?

Dad in Suit, Dad as a young man, Suit and TieHere is my Dad’s Senior picture, doesn’t he look great in his suit and tie? My Dad was also awarded the Iowa Farmer award by the FFA when he was in high school.

Dad Sleeping, Grandma's House, Sunday Nap, RelaxingSeveral of the memories today were about my Dad napping. Here he is in action or is it in-action? He was even taking a nap after dinner before the reading of the memories.




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