Lunch and a Ball Game in Korea

Tonight I was thinking back to a trip I took to Seoul, Korea nine years ago.

We usually went out to a restaurant for lunch, so I was surprised when it came time for lunch and the students were not making plans to go out.

lunch box, korea, bento box, baseball gameI just kept on teaching and just trusted that we would eventually have lunch. Finally someone went out of the room and came back with lunch boxes.

Why were we having lunch in the class room?

lunch box, korea, bento box, baseball gameIt was a nice looking lunch with a typical mix of Korean food.

lunch box, korea, bento box, baseball gameI soon found out why the lunch was a little late. The students were waiting to have lunch so they could watch a baseball game back in the US in which a South Korean pitcher, Hyun-jin Ryu, was making his debut in the Major Leagues.

I did enjoy watching the game with the students, and could really see the passion that they have for the game.

I just looked Ryu up, and found that the date of this game was April 2, 2013. His debut was with the Dodgers, and he is still playing and pitching for the Blue Jays this year.

A nice memory tonight.


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