Summer Begins

Today is the first day of summer, and it looks like it may be a hot one.

100's, triple digit heat, temperatures, weatherSummer is starting off with seven straight days of triple digit heat.

As summer starts I often think back to what summers were like when I was young.

As the school year drew to a close and summer drew near, I would always think of the many things that I was going to do during summer vacation.

Little League Baseball - Ceramic - Baseball Uniform - State Farm Insurance - Birthday GiftPlaying Baseball, Bible Camps, Scout Camp, lots of reading, family vacations and trips to see grandparents in California or Iowa. Of course, one year summer vacation meant Drivers Ed and getting my license. Summer also meant lots of time either riding or pushing a mower and many little projects like cleaning the garage.

Tracy Fireworks, 2017 fireworks, 4th of July, Independence DayAnother fun prospect for the Summer was working in the Boy Scout fireworks stand. I always think about those memories when 4th of July approaches as well.

After graduating from High School, I soon found out that summer time was no longer just a vacation. The night of graduation I received a phone call with a job offer and there went that last long summer vacation. Even during college I did not have long summer vacations as I went to school year round, and would work through most of each semester break. Welcome to the adult world.

Baseball - Oakland A's - Baseball Stadium - Summer Pasttime - America's Favorite SportToday when summer approaches I look forward to baseball season, but now as a spectator and not a player.

Antarctia, Paradise BayI will just have to think of cooler times when the summer heat gets unbearable.

I just hope that this coming week is not an indication of the entire summer.


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