Virtually Touring Israel

This week I have been virtually touring Israel.

My friend Luke is leading a tour so he and his wife have been posting pictures. Of course the pictures bring back many memories of my trips there. sunset, natanya, isreal, mediterraneanOne of my first memories was watching the sun set for the first time over the Mediterranean Sea. See Night at Netanya

Joshua, Gibeon, Heights of Gibeon, Nebi SamwilThe tour this year is following a different order than my first trip to Israel, but I thought I would share a few pictures from some of the same places.

Here is a view of Gibeon from the Heights of Gibeon.

israel,, jerusalem, temple mount, dome of the rockThey have visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Israel museum, Egyptian Coffins, anthropoid coffins, Deir el-BalahThey have also visited the Israel Museum. Which is a wonderful place to visit.

Temple Model, Israel Museum, Temple MountWhich means that they have also seen the large model of 1st Century Jerusalem that is just outside of the museum building.

Masada - Fortress - Dead Sea - Josephus - Snake TrailThey have also visited Masada and the Dead Sea area.

All of these pictures were taken almost ten years ago during my first trip to Israel. You can see more pictures along with the posts that I wrote by visiting my Israel Page. The page also includes posts from the digs that I have been on.

I am also starting to see dig updates in my Facebook feed, so am enjoying this time of year.



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  1. Thanks for sharing!

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