Around the World Today

Today has been a long day. I started the day with a conference call with Europe and ended the day just a bit ago with a conference call with India. In between I made a trip to the office.

I feel like I have traveled far today, and am really too tired to think of what to post. So here are some of the places I have been either virtually or physically today.

Jena, Germany, Skyline, Jenoptik, Intershop, Planetarium, German SkylineJena, Germany.

Cambridge University, Ivy covered walls, Christ's CollegeCambridge, England

Paris, Eiffel Tour, la Tour Eiffel, memoriesParis, France

ZIC, Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, California, ConstructionDublin, California

The Dominion, Bangalore, Trip to IndiaBangalore, India

Lots of memories of trips to these places as I attended the meetings.


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