Lazy March Weekend

This weekend is a lazy weekend.White blossoms, Signs of springMarch has started and spring is on the way so there are a lot of allergens in the air. I have tried to stay inside as much as possible.

library, book, blossoms, beesToday I returned some books at the library and also checked out a few. I have been doing a lot of reading this year.

community rose gard, tracy, california, roses, garden workI was going to walk through the rose garden by the library, but the bushes do not even have this many leaves on them.

Target Hot Dog, Frankfurter, ketchup, mustard, relishI went to Target today for the first time in a while as I had some clothes shopping to do. I had planned on getting a hot-dog, but they have been remodeling the snack bar for a very long time and it is still not open. It does look like it is close to opening. Perhaps this will again become part of my Saturday routine.

Mown front yard, yard work, mowing, sprinkler checkI should work in my lawn this weekend. Perhaps Sunday will be the day that I finally do some work. I have been trying to stay indoors because of allergies, but the yard is not looking good. I can wear a mask while doing yard work and not look out of place.

I did make a decision to not fully prune back my roses. It is hard to prune back roses when they have been continually full of blooms all winter. I have done some pruning but not much.

Tomorrow I will head into the heart of almond orchard country and will try to remember to re-circulate the air in my car while driving.



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