Couples through Time

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am thinking of a post I wrote last year. Here are some of my ancestors as couples.

anniversary, wedding anniversary, Frytown Iowa, MemoriesI will start with a wedding picture of my Mom and Dad.

All four grandparents, parents wedding, Frytown IowaThen three sets of couples with my parents and grandparents at my parent’s wedding.

Great Grandpa Braman - Wedding Picture 1911 - Ford Motor Company - Old Wedding PicturesThen my grandpa Braman’s parents on their wedding day. Here are Harvey Braman and Sarah Leeper.

Hotchkiss, Great Grandparents, Genealogy, Family HistoryHere are my great grandparents William Hotchkiss and Pearl Row.

Hotchkiss, Benjamin, Nancy DarlingHere are my 2nd Great Grandparents Benjamin Hotchkiss and Nancy Darling.

George Shafer and Maria ChapmanThese are actually two separate pictures but are my 3rd great grandparents George Shafer and Maria Chapman.

I am fortunate to have pictures of these ancestor couples.

Do you see me in any of them?


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