Chinese Fish

With the Olympics going on in Beijing I have been thinking about fish dishes in China.

beijing,, Fish, dried fish, lunch, chinese foodI will start with a lunch dish that I had near the Forbidden Castle in Beijing back in 2002. I really enjoyed eating this fried fish. I remember them being delicious.

Fish in China, Cuisine, Suzhou, Chinese FoodI really enjoyed both the presentation and taste of this fish dish we had in Suzhou. This brings back memories of a late lunch in a beautiful setting.

Feast for the eyes, Chinese Food, Shanghai, PudongHere are some wonderful fish heads we had in Shanghai. They were quite spicy.

Fish Slice, Grouper, Fish Hot Pot, ShanghaiDuring one of my visits to teach a course in Shanghai, we had some sliced fish hot pot. The grouper was thinly sliced and quickly cooked in the hot broth. A wonderful experience.

Whole cooked fish - Shanghai, China - Chinese Food - Chinese Cuisine - Fish PresentationHere is another great presentation of a whole fish. I really like a whole fish as then it includes the head of the fish. The fish cheeks are the tastiest meat of a fish. However, you have to be very careful of the bones in the rest of the fish.

I have had great food memories during the last three Olympics.


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