Bringing in the Big Gear on Oak Island

Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island is well underway.

In the episode tonight they brought some big gear onto the island.

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?They are beginning a new phase of work in the Money Pit area. This week they showed them starting to bring in equipment to sink large shafts to be able to look at larger areas.

However, first thehe Money Pit area had to be leveled and stabilized.

oak Island, Money Pit, Mahone BayThe drilling survey continued in the Money Pit area and they are now looking to pinpoint the flood tunnel. This will help determine exactly where to sink the new larger shafts. It does look like they possibly found the flood tunnel so this may have them changing some of there target locations.

Oak Island, Money Pit, National Geographic, Curse of Oak IslandSome more metal detecting was shown, and they found a coin very close to where the lead bag seal was found last year. They continue to say that the seal may be Templar related but with very little supporting evidence.

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaThe digging in the swamp is drawing to an end as they need to refill the swamp to use the water for the wash plant. However they were able to find some more worked wood that was carbon 14 tested. The date returned was very, very old at 1,700 to 1,800 years old.

oak island, curse of oak lsland, satellite, money pitNow it is time to start following the action at the Money Pit as they sink the shafts and pull up material with the huge hammer grab tool.

The preview for next week looks very interesting as they show the arrival of the oscillator that will sink the large cans for the shafts. They will also finally share some information about the lead bag seal. It will be interesting to see how it is presented, and how close it follows some of the research that has been done by fans of the show. From the preview, I am not so sure.


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