Poem: Good Friday Night

Tonight I was looking through a scrapbook of poems that my Grandmother had saved.

One of the poems caught my eye since it is Friday night.

good friday night, archibald Rutledge, Sea of Galilee, poems, scrapbookThe poem is Good Friday Night by Archibald Rutledge.

Archibald Rutledge was the first Poet Laureate of South Carolina and a descendant of John Rutledge, who signed the Constitution and was a chief justice of the US Supreme Court.

The pictures illustrating the poem below were taken during my trips to the Sea of Galilee.

Good Friday Night

The Hills are folded in a mist

By Galilee; on Galilee

A silence comes, and it is night;

The stars awaken tranquilly.

Bird Flying, Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Galilee Hills, SunsetNight’s beauty mirrored in her dreams,

In Galilee; in Galilee

Sleeps, and the stars like spirit barks

More softly on a spirit sea.

Sea of Galilee, Israel, sunset, lakeThe winds sigh with immortal grief

O’er Galilee; and Galilee

Seems mortal and remembers all

That cannot be, that cannot be.

Galilee Sea, Sea of Galilee, Shore of Galilee, ReedsThe palms are moving in dim waves

By Galilee, on Galilee

The starlight falls on motionless

Blue waters of a quiet sea.

Sea of Galilee, Sunset, Poria Youth Hostel, Red SkyThe shores are hushed, the winds are still

On Galilee; o’er Galilee

The stars are setting far away;

And one has died for you and me.

Archibald Rutledge



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