South Africa Thoughts

Tonight I have been thinking of South Africa. With the news of the Omicron variant trending I have been thinking of my South African friends that live around the world. I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

Johannesburg, South Africa, Farthest from homeSouth Africa is far from home, but in the world today distance is not as big a barrier as it has been in the past. Today it takes less than a day to travel to most populated places in the world. It has become a small world.

South African Airways, Frankfurt Airport, PlanesToday jet planes have shortened the time that it takes to move people and goods around the world. This also spreads disease quicker from place to place, which is what we are dealing with during this pandemic. It is difficult to stop transmission when there are so many quick ways that it can spread.

Rhinos, south Africa, White RhinocerosAlong with these thoughts I had some good thoughts of my last trip to Johannesburg like this Lion and Rhino park that I visited.

White Lion, South Africa, LionIt was really neat to see the large animals out in the open.

Rodizio, Churrascaria, Carnivore, Meat, RestaurantI also enjoyed the great food I had in South Africa, especially the dinner that I had at the Carnivore.

I hope that all my friends with ties to South Africa have been hearing good news.



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