Wednesday Word Search – Sat

Welcome to another Wednesday Word Search where I pick a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

Awhile back I searched for ‘hat’ and ‘bat’ so started a theme of ‘?at’ words. Last week I searched for ‘rat’ so will continue on.

The word for tonight is: Sat

Sat should be interesting. The string ‘sat’ is in some interesting words.

What images will I find?

Dr. D. G. Sattler, Dwight G. Sattler, Doctor, Anatomist, Kalona, IowaWith the first image I will start from the beginning with the doctor who brought me into the world. Here is Dr. Sattler.

Trina's Tea Kettle, Boutique, Loose Tea, Pomegranate Oolong tea, Tea ShopFor the next image here is my Saturday tea towel. I have a complete set of Amish tea towels made for me by my Mom.

Jerusalem old city, quiet streets, Jerusalem, Night, closed shopsThis picture was titled Saturday Night in Old Jerusalem. Shops have closed down for the day and they are waiting for all the debris to be cleaned up. It is a bit interesting to walk through the streets of Old Jerusalem after the shops close.

Henry County Iowa, Trenton Township, Absalom Leeper, Iowa, ancestorIn writings about genealogy and family history I will often share satellite images from Google Maps to illustrate where ancestors lived. Here is where some of my Leeper ancestors lived near Trenton, Iowa.

Saturn SC, General Motors, Cars, New CarsFinally we have a picture of me with my old Saturn SC. I bought this car when I lived in Ohio for a short time and drove it for many years while I had a company vehicles and didn’t drive much. It finally ended up in California after finally being worn out while commuting.

These images show that ‘sat’ is found in some interesting words.

Which is your favorite ‘sat’ picture?

What should I search for next? I will probably continue with the next ?at word.   I took a quick look and I have a lot of interesting images for ‘tat’ to choose from.


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