Veterans Day X – In Uniform

Tonight I will share pictures of some family members in uniform in honor of Veterans Day. Each of these family members are remembered each year.

Veterans Day - Howard Braman - Vietnam - Germany - Korea - VFW - DAVHere is my Uncle Howard who served for many years.

Veterans Day 2014, Veteran, Germany, Vietnam, Army, Army UniformHere is my Uncle Chester (Chet).

Veterans Day, Uncle Jr. Harry Strasil, MilitaryTheir brother-in-law, Uncle Junior is shown here in his Seabees uniform.

Great Uncle, Army, Army Nurse, MemoriesHere is my Great-Uncle Fred in his uniform. He was an army nurse for many years.

I knew all of the men above, however they are no longer with us except in our memories. Today is a special day to remember each of them.

I have many more relatives that have served during the generation, but these are who I remember the most each year.



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