Wednesday Word Search – Rat

Welcome to another Wednesday Word Search where I pick a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

Awhile back I searched for ‘hat’ and ‘bat’ so started a theme of ‘?at’ words. Last week I searched for ‘pat’ so will continue on.

The word for tonight is: Rat

What happened to qat? Well there were no images so it was skipped.

Rat should be interesting. The string ‘rat’ is in some interesting words.

What images will I find?

Thuringian Bratwurst, Sempf, Mustard, Jena, GermanyThe first image is of Thuringian Bratwurst. I always make sure I visit the street carts a couple times during any trip to Jena, Germany.

Thuringer Rostbratchen, Roter Hirsch, Jena, Germany, Old RestaurantFor the next image I will stick with food. Here is a plate of Thuringer Rostbratchen at one of my favorite restaurants in Jena, Germany. The restaurant is more than 500 years old.

Boeing B52 Bomber - Stratofortress - Largest Jet BomberHere is a B52 Stratofortress at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California.


Movie Marathon in Flight, Star Wars Movie Marathon, Long FlightsHere is an image that brings back memories. On one of my trips to Italy long ago I did a Star Wars marathon. The long flights to Milan and back allowed me to watch all of the Star Wars movies during one trip.

Grandpa, Lab Technician, Labratory, workingThe last image is my Grandpa working as a lab technician in a laboratory back in Iowa City, Iowa.

These images show that ‘rat’ is found in many different words.

Which is your favorite ‘rat’ picture?

What should I search for next? I will probably continue with the next ?at word.   I took a quick look and I have some interesting images for ‘sat’ to choose from.


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