Decorating Season Begins

It is October and decorating season has begun.

First up is decorating for Halloween, closely followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It will be interesting to see displays change around the neighborhood over the next three months.

Halloween, blowup decorations, body parts, coffin, October decorationsMy neighbors already have their Halloween display put together. They have a number of blow up figures and items gathered together in a spooky ensemble.

Halloween, blowup decorations, body parts, coffin, October decorationsThey also have coffins, lights and many small signs on the ground.

Halloween, blowup decorations, body parts, coffin, October decorationsThey even have a skeleton and body parts hanging from a tree. All in all a very spooky look.

Thanksgiving Turkey - Blow Up Turkey - Thanksgiving Decorations - Feast TimeAfter Halloween, will come some Thanksgiving displays like big blow up turkeys or pumpkins.

christmas dispay, decorations down, blow up decorations, snow manI don’t know if my neighbors will have a display for Thanksgiving, but they will have a big display for Christmas. Last year I let them extend their display across my front yard, and they have already asked if they can do the same this year. I will be a good neighbor once again.

The big question will be how early the Christmas decorations will go up. Will they wait until after Thanksgiving?

Canadians can put up Christmas decoration early, as their Thanksgiving is only a week away 🙂


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