National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service

Did you notice that flags were at half-staff today? I did not notice until I went to the library to return books. Of course that was the first time I left the house today, except for walking down to the mailbox.

Flag at Half-Staff, Tracy, Library, Patriot Day, September 11I had to find out why after seeing the flag at half-mast. I asked the clerk when I checked my books in and she did not know, although she had noticed and planned on looking it up later. I did a quick search with my phone and soon found out that today was the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service.

I then remembered that three years ago I had noticed the same thing when I went out walking past two fire stations. This post has some content from the post I wrote then.

Tracy, Fire Trucks, National Fallen Firefighter Memorial ServiceThree years ago they had a big event at the downtown fire station with a pancake breakfast and fire equipment on display.

Hamburg, Iowa Fire Station - Fire Sation Line Drawing - History - Architectural DrawingSo, now I am thinking about fire stations and firefighters and images are coming to mind. This is an interesting drawing of the Hamburg Fire Station in the town where my father went to High School.

Tracy Fire, Fire Department, apartment fire, Tracy CaliforniaI also think of the great work that our Fire department does in putting out fires.

Firefighter Statue, Tracy, California, Lawrence NobleAnd of course I am thinking about the firefighters who have died in service. Our town has their own memorial for firefighters. It is a great statue of a life size fireman.


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