Is Summer Over?

Is this weekend the end of summer?

Grandpa - Nursery - Picking Flowers in Field - Interstate Nurseries - MemoriesMany people see Labor Day weekend as the end of summer, but we have almost three more weeks of summer to go.

Do you know when Labor Day was first celebrated?

labor day, grover cleveland, labor day weekend, s730President Grover Cleveland signed S. 730 into law on June 28, 1894.

The bill was introduced by James Henderson Kyle of South Dakota in 1893 during the 53rd Congress.

At the time Labor Day was already a legal holiday in more than 20 states, but this made it a Federal holiday.

Why is it known as the unofficial end of summer?

Back to School Picture, Sister and Brother, First Day of SchoolMany schools are back in session either just before of after Labor Day weekend, so for kids the summer is over.

Football - Little League - Frank Miller - Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Des Moines RegisterThe first college football games of the season used to be played during Labor Day weekend. Now, some are played earlier.

Autumn Color, Jena, Germany, Red LeavesIn some parts of the country it may begin to feel like autumn by the first Monday of September, but for most of the country there are still weeks of hot weather to come.

I can always remember when summer ends, as one of my brothers was born on the first day of autumn.

So, enjoy summer while it lasts.




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