Finally Friday

Friday is finally here and we are now into the Labor Day weekend.

It is nice to have a long weekend before I start to spend more time in the classroom.

Zeiss Innovation Center, dublin, california, construction, new building, zeissWith travel restrictions easing we are training in our building again, or perhaps I should say in our  new building. Our new building opened during the pandemic. We are not back to normal as many are still working from home. However, having classroom training again is a big step forward.

Three weeks growth, shaded grassI took the day off to have an even longer weekend, Well, I did attend a meeting and answer a bunch of e-mails, but it was a day off.

I really needed to mow my back yard and the weather was much nicer today than it will be on the weekend.

smoke filled sky, california wildfiresThe smoky air is to return this weekend, but not as bad as last weekend.

The temperatures are to be only in the upper 90’s, except on Monday when it should be above 100 degrees.

heat damage, bad air, smoky, ashIf it is not too hot, I may go out and clean up my heat damaged rose bushes.

book drop, library book return, tracy library, routineTomorrow I also need to go to the library to return some books and pick up some that I have on hold.

I also need to go to the phone store and get a new phone. My personal phone has had a cracked screen for a long time. I have worked around the crack, but now the microphone has stopped working. I can hear people when they call me, but they can’t hear me. I guess it is time to finally get a new phone.




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