Time for Olympic Track and Field

Finally the Track and Field events are starting at the Olympics in Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020, Olympic Stadium, Construction, TokyoThey are being held in the Olympic Stadium and a couple years ago I stood outside the stadium wondering about what we would see. Would we see some new records? Of course I did not expect that it would take so long to see the events.

Letter Jacket - Block A - Ashland - Track and Field - Cross Country - BandTrack is one of my favorite parts of the Olympics since I ran Track in High School and lettered all four years. I also lettered in Cross Country my Freshman year before they dropped the program.

I was a distance runner and would run the half, mile and two mile. Of course these were really the 800, 1600 and 3200 but in the US we like to hold on to our old designations. I also ran in the 2 mile relay.

2-mile relay team, track and field, league champions Relay Baton, State Track Meet, Kansas State Track, Track and Field, Relays






In my Freshman year we won the 2 mile relay at the league meet which helped win the meet for our school.

Kansas state track, 3200 meter relay, 2 mile relay, track and field

My Senior year finished off with a trip to the Kansas State Track meet to compete in the 2 mile relay.

I am looking forward to watching the relays at the Olympics. Unfortunately, they only have a few relays at the Olympics.

I would really like to see a 4×800 relay at the Olympics for both men and women.

Also, why not add the 4×200, the sprint medley and the distance medley. This would give more track athletes a chance to win medals.

Just imagine a sprint medley of a 200, 200, 400 and 800 with the best runners in the world.

I will be watching the running events including the Marathon which is traditionally one of the last events of the Olympics.

What do you think? Does the Olympics need more relays?

They added a new relay to the Swimming competition this year, so why not new relays in Track.


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