Olympic Rowing Memories

While watching Olympic rowing this afternoon my mind wandered to some memories of long ago.

rowing olympics, sculling, crew, boatsThe first was a picture I took during a trip to Taipei about 10 years ago. This was of a bug walking across water in a park we visited. While watching the sculling races, this is what I thought about.

rowing olympics, sculling, crew, boatsHere are two more of these water bugs. I should look up what their names are, but it is too late in the day.

rowing olympics, sculling, crew, boatsThe next memory is of a trailer full of boats. I took this picture in Princeton, NJ about 20 years ago. Later I found out that one of my friends was a cockswain for the Princeton Crew team and these were some of their old boats.

rowing olympics, sculling, crew, boatsThey would practice on Carnegie Lake near George Washington Bridge.

rowing olympics, sculling, crew, boatsSince I just mentioned George Washington, and am thinking about boats, I thought I would share this picture of a sculpture of Washington crossing the Delaware River. I took this picture the same day as the ones above.

Now back to the Olympics.


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