Japan Thoughts

I will most likely be thinking about Japan a lot during the Olympics so you may see some posts about Japan during the next few weeks.

Tokyo 2020, Olympic Stadium, Construction, TokyoI have a few thoughts tonight as the Olympics have begun. I watched some of the rowing coverage this evening.

However, the first big event will be the Opening Ceremony that will be held in the Olympic Stadium. I took this picture of the stadium in March 2019 while it was under construction.

Bicycle, Stadium, Tokyo 2020While I was there I thought about how this area would look during the Olympics. Unfortunately, it will not look the way I pictured it as the Olympics will be without fans from all around the world.

Cherry Blossoms, New National Stadium, Tokyo, 2020 Olympics in TokyoI got to see the stadium during one of the most beautiful times of the year in Japan. It was wonderful to see the surrounding area with the cherry blossoms in bloom.

Bento box, Korean, Bulgogi, Japan, lunchI will be thinking about Japanese food during the Olympics so may be sharing pictures of some of my favorites.

Mount Fuji Sunset - Fuji-san - Fuji from Tokyo - VolcanoI will also be thinking of Mount Fuji which can be seen from Tokyo.

Our office in Tokyo is not far from the Olympic Stadium so I am sure that I will see many familiar sites as they show Tokyo to the world.

Enough thoughts for tonight. I want to get up very early and watch the live version of the opening ceremony.


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