Hot Weekend

This weekend is a hot one. The temperature made it up to 109 today and the forecast for tomorrow is 106. Thankfully, next week will be cooler with temperatures in the 90’s.

Hot weekend temperatures, california central valley, triple digit tempsI am too lazy to get some new clips, but here is one from last July that is similar.

Mowed Back yard, yard work, Electric Mower, Winter Green LawnThe air conditioner has been running quite a lot this afternoon even with trying to conserve energy by keeping the thermostat set higher than normal. I want to help prevent blackouts. Better to be a bit warmer than not even having the ability to run a fan.

111 degrees, heat wave, california, hot weekendAgain a picture from several years ago (old car), but yesterday on the way home my car thermometer hit 111 degrees again.

cav sticker, bluey, clean carI also learned something new about my car.With the heat, combined with my car sitting in the sun all day the temperature of my car was too high and the engine turned on to assist the batteries for better performance.

weeds, side yard, tall grass, green grass springI should have done some yard work this weekend, but with the heat it will not get done. Perhaps one evening next week after I get home from work. I will be in the office ever day for the next two work weeks teaching a class. I really should have done yard work last weekend when it was a bit cooler šŸ™‚

Hopefully the forecast will be correct, unless they change it to be cooler. I don’t look forward to driving in the heat while commuting. Friday was bad enough.


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