Ottumwa on Jeopardy!

Last Wednesday Ottumwa, Iowa was mentioned in a clue on Jeopardy!

I did not watch the show as I teach a class on the Divided Kingdom on Wednesday Nights, but I did hear about it on Facebook.

Since the mention of Ottumwa brings back so many memories I had to write a post about it.

Irving Grade School, Ottumwa Iowa, Five Corners, McDonalds, Old Brick SchoolWe lived in Ottumwa for most of my early childhood. Some of my early memories are going to school at Irving which was at Five Corners.

Ottumwa McDonalds, Five Corners, Memories, Irving Grade SchoolThe school building is no longer there as it was torn down many years ago and replaced by a McDonalds.

Pickwick Library, Ottumwa, Iowa, LibrariesI also remember going to the Pickwick Library which later became a dentist’s office.

Ottumwa, Iowa, Radar O'Reilly, MASHSo, what was the clue on Jeopardy!?

Was it about where Radar was from? This is the most common thing I am asked about when I mention that I grew up in Ottumwa.

Was it about where Nixon was first stationed in the Navy?

Maybe something about Tom Arnold, Richard Bach or Edna Ferber?

I can think of many more clues or answers that could have Ottumwa in them.

The clue was in a category on Mapping the Midwest and was a Daily Double.

Jeopardy!, Ottumwa, Fort Dodge, Des Moine River, Capital of IowaOf course as soon as I saw a picture of the clue I knew the answer. The contestant that got the Daily Double did not respond and lost $2,000 but kept the lead. I always get a good feeling when I know the Daily Doubles and the contestants don’t.

Jeopardy!, Ottumwa, Fort Dodge, Des Moine River, Capital of IowaThe question is of course, What is the Des Moines?

I also have many memories of crossing the bridges over the Des Moines River and even doing some fishing at the Hydrow. Also many memories of the city of Des Moines.

I like it when Jeopardy! brings back memories.


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