A Busy Summer has Started

Today is the first day of summer, even though it really felt like summer last week. It will be a bit cooler this week, but the weekend will be back into the 100’s again.

Milan Italy, Duomo, Milan CathedralThe last week of summer was spent virtually in Milan, which meant that even though I had to be up early to teach, the commute was only from my bedroom to the dining room.

Oberkochen Train Station, Waiting for TrainThis week I am a student in a virtual course from Germany.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, california, early morningThis requires me to be at the office each day at 6:00.

commute, altamont, earlyTo get there in time means getting up really early and braving the commute over the Altamont.

lunch, cheetos, outdoor lunchI guess one good thing is the after lunch it is almost time to go home and I will miss the worst of the late afternoon traffic.

With things opening back up, it will be a very busy summer as we catch up on pent-up demand for training. I will spend more time in the office, but not much time at my desk.

Now for some sleep.




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1 Response to A Busy Summer has Started

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    We are having a spring week 60 and 70s temps. Glad cause I can sleep in my car. Fighting night bugs in my place. Searching for contacts where I can move.

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