Lunch this Week

This week I have to be at the office each day. It will be the first time since last March where I will be in the office every day of the week. It has usually been only one day every few weeks.

Zeiss Innovation Center, dublin, california, construction, new building, zeissHowever, this week I will be attending a virtual course in Germany so need to be in the office where the instrument I will be working on will be. I have to be in the office by 6:00 each morning, so it will be a tiring week as I need to leave home by 5:00.

lunch, sandwich, PB&JMy plan is to pack a lunch each day as the cafeteria kitchen is not yet open in the new building. I can eat my lunch on the cafeteria balcony and get some fresh air.

In-N-Out, Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul, Church and State, John M. BarryI could also go pick up some lunch at In-N-Out, which would not be as busy if we take an early lunch.

However, I have not eaten in a restaurant since last March and really don’t know how ordering, etc.. is handled for pickup. Do I need to download apps for different restaurants?

Chicken Nuggets, Chick-fil-A, Free FoodAnother option could be Chick-Fil-A.

Wendy's Burger, Double Stack, OAC Burger ChallengeA Double-stack at Wendy’s would be nice.

Campirana Pizza - Chorizo, Frijoles, Jalapeños y Cebolla - Pi Day - 3.14159 - Pizza PiePizza would be another good option.

In any case, tomorrow I am packing a lunch and then will determine the plan for the rest of the week.

Off to get some sleep before the early morning start.





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