Thoughts from the Yard

Today it was finally a bit cooler so I did some way overdue yard work.

While mowing the yard and doing a pit of cleanup of trees and bushes I thought of a few of my recent posts.

yardwork, roses, wrong color flower, flowers, pruningOf course I thought of my post from yesterday A Yellow Rose? 

I did some cleanup of my roses, but not as much as I need to.

agapanthus, flowers, yardwork, scapes, flowersWhen I went into the backyard I saw that the first of the pair of brachts of my agapanthus had opened. The brachts are the two leaves that enclose the flowers and are on the end of the scapes.

agapanthus, flowers, yardwork, scapes, flowersAnother of the pair of brachts was just starting to open. I am sure it will be fully open tomorrow.

agapanthus, flowers, yardwork, scapes, flowersI now have 11 scapes on my agapanthus.

mantis nymph, insect, yard work, treeI also spotted a little mantis nymph. This one was outside where it should be.

mantis, inside, monitor, little visitor, faunaSee my post A Little Visitor from last week.

Some nice thoughts while doing yard work. My grass looks much better now 🙂


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  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Thoughts from the Yard

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