Watching for Scapes

Almost every day I check my agapanthus to see if I have any scapes coming up.

backyard, agapanthus, spring, first scapeIt is usually around this time of year when they start to appear.agapanthus, flowers, spring, bloomingI am a bit worried that it may not bloom this year as I have not thinned it out and there were not very many last year.

agapanthus scapes, pods, bracts, flowersI will keep watching as they should be appearing soon.

first agapanthus scape, backyard, natureLast year I noticed the first one on May 14, so I will have to start looking more closely tomorrow. This picture was taken on May 16 last year.

snails, agapanthus, backyard, garden snailsThat same day I took some pictures of a snail on the leaves of the agapanthus.

I had really planned on thinning out the agapanthus, but it never happened.

Perhaps next year 🙂




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