Wildfire Season Begins

Wildfire season has arrived here in California and already there are three wildfires burning within 100 mile of home.

The closest one started within the last day and is only about 160 acres, but this could be a sign of what is to come this year. We did not have a very wet rainy season and the temperatures have been high early in the year.

I don’t like it when the lead stories on the local news are about wildfires.

Fire, California, Smoke, Wind, Central Valley, Bad Air QualityThe winds have also been very high this weekend and we are under a red-flag warning until at least Tuesday.

Kansas Grass Fires, Southwest KansasI am hoping that we do not see as many wildfires this year as we did last year.

California wild fires, red sky, smoky sky, red tinged cloudsWe had some pretty bad fires to the south of us, and the air quality was not very good.

Red Sun, Sunsetting, bad air quality, sillouetesHopefully we won’t see skies that are full of smoke.

California wild fires, red sky, smoky sky, red tinged cloudsThe wind is blowing toward where the fires are this weekend, but this could easily change and the Central Valley could fill with smoke from the fires.

I am hoping that we do not see afternoon skies like this.



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