Friday Afternoons

For the last month I have started a new Friday afternoon routine.

time limit, browsing, sticker, libraryThe routine is a partial return to my pre-COVID Saturday routine.

Part of my Saturday routine was my planned weekly visit to the library.

book drop, library book return, tracy library, routineOf course, this was not the only visit to the library during the week, but it was the one that was planned for each week. I would also visit if a book needed to be returned, or books that I had requested were delivered to the library.

library, book, blossoms, beesWith the library only open during the week, and only open for browsing in the afternoon I cannot yet return this visit to my Saturday routine.

You can see here that we can only browse for a limited time.

library, book, blossoms, beesNow on Friday afternoon, during my break if I am working,  I return my books in the book-drop and then go inside to pick up books and browse the shelves, especially the new book shelves.

You may have noticed the red flannel shirt. The shirt has been a Friday routine for work and has been carried on throughout the time working at home. At least most of the time 🙂

tracy rose garden, garden, library routineIn my pre-COVID routine I did not visit the Community Rose Garden during each visit to the library, but I have made it a habit in the past year as it gives me some time outside in the fresh air.

Hopefully this routine will change again soon with the library being able to open on the weekends. Then we may be able to open our Friends of the Library Book Sale again.

Keep safe and keep reading.







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1 Response to Friday Afternoons

  1. Betty says:

    Love those “Friends of the Library” book fairs. In the past, we volunteered and were rewarded with a bag of free books. We can finally visit libraries again without a time limit. Love the roses, too! Happy Saturday!

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